Sometimes it is reassuring to know a little bit more about the owner of a holiday rental apartment, so this page is to introduce me!


My name is Robert Pettitt, and when I am not in Les Deux Alpes, or planning my next trip there, I am a Barrister who specialises in all aspects of Family Law. I practise in Northampton in the UK, and if you are really interested you can check me out at the Chambers' website of Northampton Chambers.


I have been skiing now for over 20 years and can manage to get down most things if not always stylishly! I have boarded, not particularly well and I just prefer to additional control that I feel I have with skiing.


So why did I choose the apartment in Les Deux Alpes? Well I decided many years ago that I wanted my own place to ski, and I was fortunate enough to get to the position a few years ago where I could make a purchase, so started looking. I drew up a "tick list" of things that a place had to have, which was basically:


  • In France - I have been a committed Francophile ever since my family used to take me on holidays to Normandy when I was young. My father was a D-day veteran and he obviously got a taste for the place when he landed here as we used to come back every year! I personally think it was something to do with the Calvados ...

  • Ski in/ski out - I have spent too many holidays wasting time queueing for buses, getting in the car, walking with skis and in robocop boots and so on, to know that I wanted somewhere where I could get my kit on and go. There is nothing like taking your skis off and being home.

  • Easy access - I remember going to Livigno in Italy for a couple of holidays. Great skiing but the 5 hour transfer took the shine off a little! So it needed to be less than 2 hours from the airport and served by budget airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet.

  • A summer resort too - I don't just ski, I like to hike, ride a bike, take landscape photographs or just sip wine in fantastic surroundings, so I wanted somewhere I could enjoy all year round.

  • Own it outright - although the French have an attractive leaseback scheme, I didn't think that was for me, so I wanted somewhere that I owned outright, my own little piece of France.

  • The "wow" factor - nothing definite, I just knew I wanted something that would stick in my mind and make me want to come back again, year after year.


I went on to several mailing lists and eventually after about 18 months I got an email about a development at Janremon in Les Deux Alpes. It ticked all the boxes and was in my price range as well. As I had never been to the resort, I booked a short holiday to check it out. The skiing was great, I liked the resort and I was looking for the "wow" factor. I went to look at the building before renovation, went up to the old large balcony, and looked out.


The view from the balcony sold the apartment to me. I never tire of it, whether it is in winter after a fresh snowfall like this, or in summer enjoying a glass of wine in the sunshine. You will notice that it is always changing as well, with the clouds coming in above the mountains or sitting in the valley down to Venosc, or at different times of day.


So there it is, a little bit more about me and why I bought my little piece of France. I genuinely do take pleasure in my guests enjoying the place hopefully as much as I do, so if there is anything you would like to know please do not hesitate to get in touch using the Contact page.


Thanks for your interest!



Robert Pettitt


September 2014


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